Since 1993 next to the professional

Mopatex Hellas was founded in 2003 as a continuation of the long-term cooperation of Samaras Brothers O.E. – Introduction, with the giant of the Spanish cleaning industry Mopatex S.A.

The excellent cooperation between Greeks and Spaniards, which began with the trip of Giorgos Samaras to Ontinyent, Valencia in 1993, evolved naturally into a union of the forces of the two companies with the establishment of today’s Mopatex Hellas.

The expertise and experience of the Spaniards, who are active in the cleaning industry since the ’40s, fabricating many innovating products, with sales throughout Europe and the whole world, and private owned ultramodern facilities of 15,000 square meters, combined with the hard work, consistency and ingenuity of the Greeks created an explosive combination, reflected in the rapid development of their cooperation.

From 30 sq.m. Samara Brothers warehouse in 1993, the company is currently housed in newly built, privately owned facilities of 1,700 sq.m. in VI.PE. Thessaloniki having the most modern specifications, a range of products that covers all the needs of the professional, constant entry of new and innovative products and a customer base that exceeds five hundred professionals, wholesalers and distributors throughout Greece.

Quality Policy & Certifications


The management of the business has:

  • determine the level of Quality in the work produced by it at that level, which is related both to the specifications of the applicable Greek – European Legislation, medical ethics and the specialized customer requirements and
  • has documented its quality policy and objectives.

Each Department Manager is responsible for ensuring that the objectives of the quality policy are understood, implemented and maintained in their area of responsibility.

The strategic goal of the company is the absolute satisfaction of the quality requirements of its customers.

More specifically, the regular objectives of the business are:

To carry out with consistent quality the marketing and distribution of cleaning products and disposable medical technology products.

  • Manage it in such a way as to achieve the best quality result with the best utilization of resources and executive potential.
  • The executives of the company should aim consistently to improve quality in their area of responsibility.

To achieve these objectives:

  • selects with specific criteria the cooperating companies.
  • controls the marketing of cleaning products and disposable medical technology products in all its phases.
  • analyzes all the risks that may appear in the company’s processes and evaluates them.
  • analyzes the interaction in the company of external factors that affect its operation.
  • continually trains its staff to update knowledge and ensure participation and cooperation among employees.< /li>
  • takes care of the proper operation of its Quality Management System and its annual review and improvement, ensuring the technical coverage and perfection of all work of.

Mopatex Hellas is certified ISO 9001:2015(pdf)as well as Management System / Product Certification from Q-CERT(pdf). This means that the company has established a Quality Management System in which all processes are carefully designed and comply with international standards. Also, through the HTCert and with the confirmation of a Ministerial Decision, the company applies the principles and guidelines for the correct practice of distribution of Medical Technology Products.

Compliance with the ISO 9001:2015 standard proves that Mopatex Hellas is committed not only to meeting customer expectations, but to exceeding them. It also demonstrates the organization’s commitment to continuous improvement, with our goals focused on quality assurance and innovative product delivery, which we expect to take the business to new heights.


The administrator


The things that have not changed over time are the cooperation between Greeks and Spaniards and the adherence to four axes which for our Company are the key to success: